Butterfly walk

Despite a forecast of mostly cloudy weather, on Saturday I decided to take a walk around the Rifle Range nature reserve, just a 20-minute walk or so from where I live in Bewdley, Worcestershire. Rifle Range is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest by Natural England, and is a large area of mostly heathland, with some wooded areas around its periphery.

I’ve visited a number of times over the past couple of years, and when the weather’s good, it’s a great place for a bit of butterfly spotting. I have to admit however, I wondered whether I might have been wasting my sweet time, given how overcast it was when I set out. Continue reading “Butterfly walk”

Frosty morning walk

It’s still very much a novelty that I can step out of my front door and, within just a few minutes, find myself surrounded by fields, forests, rivers and lakes; a novelty which I doubt will wear off. There are countless local walks, whose routes have been mapped, photographed and described in varying degrees of detail, such that you’re truly spoilt for choice. And if you’re prepared to venture off those well-worn pathways and simply follow your nose, I doubt you’d ever run out of places to visit. Continue reading “Frosty morning walk”

Breakfast in Bewdley

Mist on the Severn

After being gently enouraged by certain members of my family, I finally tied my spotted handkerchief to the end of a stick, bundled up my belongings and relocated from Birmingham to Bewdley. Not a great distance by any means, but for peace-of-mind… a world apart, it turns out.

I’m lucky enough now, to find myself living in a riverside appartment, and the contentedness I get from gazing out of my living room window upon the mighty River Severn, rather than the less than charming view of the back of a Tesco Express, which I’d previously been subjected to, cannot be overstated.  Continue reading “Breakfast in Bewdley”