Breakfast in Bewdley

After being gently enouraged by certain members of my family, I finally tied my spotted handkerchief to the end of a stick, bundled up my belongings and relocated from Birmingham to Bewdley. Not a great distance by any means, but for peace-of-mind… a world apart, it turns out.

I’m lucky enough now, to find myself living in a riverside appartment, and the contentedness I get from gazing out of my living room window upon the mighty River Severn, rather than the less than charming view of the back of a Tesco Express, which I’d previously been subjected to, cannot be overstated. I moved in just a week or so before Christmas (2104) which, quite frankly, is the most ridiculous time of year to move house. However, the experience was a relatively painless one, and it was all done in good time and with great efficiency and more than a little help from the family.

Riverside Café, Severnside North
Riverside Café, Severnside North

My first morning began with a quick text message to my sister and fellow Bewdley-ite (is that the correct term?) seeking recommendations for a good spot for breakfast. In due course I pitched up at the Riverside Café on Severnside North and ordered myself a fiercely persuasive espresso and a full English. I’ve been back several times since and I fear that I’m in danger of making it a regular thing!

On the way there I’d stopped to take a few photos. It was a little after dawn and looking down-river, the sun cast an intense, honey light on the calm, satin surface of the Severn; the mist rising from the water in the distance softened the scene, and I knelt down in the frost to get a nice low angle for the shot at the top of this post. A duck glided past. I’m going to like it here.